Vantage Lighting
Vantage is the recognized leader in the control and automation of dimmable lighting, theatres, thermostats, and more.
Programmed scenes like HOME, AWAY, PARTY, MOVIE, AWAKE, SLEEP and ALL OFF unfold by schedule or button press.
Elegant Vantage keypads and touchscreens enhance any decor.
Plus, Vantage’s award winning RadioLink technology permits wireless installation in new or existing construction. So there's no need to wait - take control with Vantage.
Wheather new construction, existing residence or remodeling Vantage has got the product control your lighting.
Enclosure system
RadioLink system
ScenePoint system
Or a combination or the three all work seemlessly as one .

Vantage's WebPoint software allows internet browner control and status of you lighting from any internet connection.