UStec Structured Cabling
USTCW2x2 tecLAN cable
UStec jack

The UStec system (from the wires and connectors to the finished wall plates and electronics) is usually started during the rough-in stage for the home construction. During rough-in the wires are run throughout the house and brought back to a central location where all of the wires are to be terminated at the FX-100.
Back at the locations where the tecports are going to be located rough-in brackets are installed. These brackets come in various configurations for up to 4 total gangs. 2 electrical and 2 low voltage the max.

The tecLan II Residential Gateway Network consists of high quality coaxial cables and category 5 data cable, customized wallplates for cable, phone/data, and electrical power access; and a processor/amplifier (tecGATE Server) that can amplify and distribute high speed, high-bandwidth digital signals throughout the home. The tecGate Server is a state-of-the-art residential gateway product developed by UStec. The tecGate server was awarded the 1997 Home Automation Association's Mark of Excellence Award for Manufacturers.