AMX Landmark System

Landmark System (Formally PHAST) stands for Practical Home Automation Systems Technology, which is exactly what it is - a practical approach to home automation. Unlike some other systems which can be complicated and expensive, the LANDMARK system is designed so that the average child could use it and the average homeowner could afford it.

LIGHTING  c o n t r o l

Controller can handle up to 6000 watts if needed on a dimmer

One integrated controller with 6 1900 watt dimmers is a cost effective combination
Lighting can do a lot to set the mood in your home.  But with a Landmark home, that's not even scratching the surface.  Light a midnight snack path directly to the kitchen at the touch of a button.  Activate indoor or outdoor lighting scenes (such as soft,  low lights for a romantic setting) with one finger.  Arrive home to warm inviting light throughout the house the moment you open the garage door.  Or, set lights to automatically activate 30 minutes before sunset- no matter what time the sun sets.  Activate the lights to increase by 15% just by rolling out of bed.

ENTERTAINMENT c o n t r o l

LCD Keypad
Imagine opening your bathroom door every morning to your favorite sing-in-the-shower music. Arrive home to the CNN news broadcast automatically via the satellite system. Scroll through the select music from a list of your favorite CD's on LCD keypads throughout the house. Watch a movie in your bedroom that is playing on VCR in the family room. Set the perfect environmental conditions to watch a movie- by touching only one button- your blinds close, the fire starts, the room temperature is adjusted and the home theater system is powered up and set in motion.

VPT-CP VeiwPoint
Wireless Color Touchscreen
IR remote control
Philips PRONTO
LCD Touchscreen
programmable remote

COMMUNICATIONS c o n t r o l

The days of refrigerator message pads and sticky notes by the phone are gone forever. LANDMARK lets you view caller ID information on every LCD keypad. Retrieve phone messages at the same keypads by scrolling through a list of messages and selecting those you wish to hear. Your television becomes a valuable information source, giving you important weather, TV, and CD listing information, even caller ID when phone rings. Page throughout the house, or one zone at a time, with the intercom system built into every keypad. Leave messages for you family or reminders for yourself. (like "don't forget to pick up the toothpaste") from any room in the house.

SECURITY c o n t r o l

LANDMARK doesn't make primary security systems, but it functionality enhances the safety and security of your home anyway. For example, if a smoke detector goes off, all the lights throughout the house can come on, helping your family reach safety faster. When your away from your home, imagine your lights flashing off and on when your security alarm goes off. Or, the sound of dogs barking whenever someone comes to the front door. When you are home, consider the peace of mind of being able to turn on every light in the house by simply touching a button by your bed. Or enabling you to see who's at the door via your TV when someone rings the doorbell. The system can even be programmed to call you at work when any security alarm is triggered.

CLIMATE c o n t r o l

Fall asleep every night confident that the temperature will adjust automatically to a perfect non-active setting, and readjust before the alarm goes off the following morning. Open the door to an infrequently used area of the house and the temperature will immediately begin to adjust to a more appropriate level. Call home from a plane to adjust the "away" temperature settings for your arrival. The system may even be set to notify you if a window's open, helping you conserve energy while enhancing security.